Custom WordPress Design and Development

Sidetrack studio builds WordPress BLOCKS, plugins, web apps, integrations and themes

WordPress for the Future

SIDETRACK STUDIO has a breadth and depth of knowledge in WordPress to take your project beyond the blog. We can guide you in making profitable decisions building complex WordPress solutions to manage and deliver information through your organization.

WordPress Done Right

Got Standards?

We develop using WordPress coding standards removing the potential for future conflicts for any customizations created for your project.

it’s In there

We design and develop using industry-standard tools like GitHub that provide you a 360-degree view of everything we do, and backups to protect your investment.

Secure & Reliable

Our high standards ensure your WordPress projects are secure and provide reliable user experiences across multiple platforms.

WordPress Design and Development

SIDETRACK STUDIO is the perfect blend between user-centered design and development. Just like peanut butter and chocolate, your project will get the best of both worlds with our fully integrated team.

What’s in a name?

The sidetrack is the road not taken. The place in between where new ideas are discovered and grow organically with creativity and passion.